Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

A Missouri man recently arrested in Wisconsin is facing murder charges in the suspected death of his ex-girlfriend, according to reports.

Marquisha Williams was last seen a week ago in north St. Louis with a man named Trenton Ivy. Officers found and arrested Ivy in Racine County, Wisconsin Friday on unrelated charges.

St. Louis County police issued first-degree murder charges for Ivy on Saturday, officers said. Ivy was reportedly found in Wisconsin driving Williams’ car.

Detectives searched the vehicle after Ivy’s arrest. They reportedly found blood and biological material, along with Williams’ personal items, inside of the vehicle.

Ivy told Wisconsin detectives that he had killed Williams in St. Louis during a physical altercation, police said. Ivy then disposed of her body in an unknown location.

St. Louis County police said they are working to extradite Ivy from Wisconsin to Missouri.

Police also said that they are still searching for Williams’ body. They came to Staunton on Sunday to search, but their efforts came up empty. Officers said they believed she may have been in this area before she disappeared.

Police said they could not share any more specific information about the investigation.

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By Buffy Gunner

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