Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A 31-year-old Missouri man St. Louis police said has been missing since Wednesday was arrested in Wisconsin, according to Racine County Sheriff’s Office inmate records.

Trenton Ivy was arrested on Friday and is facing charges of using a dangerous weapon, resisting an officer, and fleeing from an officer in a vehicle, records say. Ivy was taken into custody by Wisconsin authorities on Friday.

Ivy was last seen with 29-year-old Marquisha Williams in north St. Louis, the city’s police department said Friday. The two were both seen together in the area of Cook and North Spring avenues in the city’s Grand Center neighborhood.

Williams’ mother, Norvette Chavis, said that detectives told her that a license plate camera located them in Chicago and then Wisconsin, but they had found the vehicle but not Williams. The family has called hospitals and searched inmate locators in the Racine area but has been unable to locate Williams.

Williams and Ivy have 4 children together but are no longer in a relationship. However, Monday morning the two of them drove together to drop off their 1-year-old at daycare, a 6-year old who was sick, at Chavis’s home and another 6-year-old and their 11-year-old at St. Louis Catholic Academy.

Because Williams often worked 12-hour-shifts, Chavis said she would usually get the children and her daughter would pick them up after work. But Williams never showed up and all calls have gone straight to voicemail.

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By Buffy Gunner

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