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A 24-year-old Texas woman was arrested on Thursday in connection to the death of her missing girlfriend, whose body was found on a hiking trail in Houston last week, police said.

Shania Laneice Turner was charged with murder on Friday after allegedly strangling her girlfriend, 18-year-old Tierra Horn. Horn was last seen on January 2.

Horn’s older sister, Rokeisha Calton, said she last spoke to her sister on Jan. 2 to make plans for her upcoming 19th birthday party.

According to the outlet, family members had not heard from Horn since the phone call and reported her missing on Jan. 4.

Horn’s body was discovered the following day on a hiking trail near Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston, police said.

Days before Turner’s arrest, Calton said her sister knew someone, later identified as Turner, who lived in the apartment building near where detectives found her body.

Horn’s other sister, Skinesha Granville, said Turner and Horn had been in a relationship for over a year but described it as “very toxic.”

“[She] used to hit on her and beat her, beat her up and stuff, and I just had to break it up,” Granville said. “I guess she didn’t know how to approach us about it, or maybe she was scared to tell us, so when we did find out, it was way after the fact.”

Turner allegedly strangled her girlfriend following an argument in which she accused Horn of giving her a sexually transmitted disease.

Turner is held in Harris County jail on a $100,000 bond and is set to appear in court on Tuesday, according to court records.

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