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Two women, both Aunts of Delia Young, are behind bars in Gainesville, Florida, charged in connection with her death.

Marian Williams, the girl’s legal guardian, appeared in an Alachua County Court Thursday morning. She faces charges of homicide, neglect of a child with great bodily harm, obstruction and destroying evidence.

The judge set the 57-year-old’s bond at a total of $950,000 for all four charges.

She is also not allowed to meet with the co-defendant in the case, who is listed as Valerie Young in the arrest report.

This afternoon, the girl’s other Aunt, Valerie Young, turned herself in at the jail. She faces the same charges as Williams and is being held on a $2,650,000 bond until her first appearance Friday morning.

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According to deputies, Williams says Valerie Young beat Delia with an electrical cord, leading to injuries that caused Delia’s death.

Williams says she and Young conspired to hide Delia’s body at a home in La Crosse. She also told deputies when she went back later to see Delia’s body, it was missing.

Williams then burned the tote that they initially hid the body inside. She told investigators she does not know where Delia’s remains are.

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