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Three people were killed and another seriously wounded in a Connecticut home Friday in what police called an apparent murder-suicide shooting.

Police in Windsor Locks, about 15 miles north of Hartford, responded to the home shortly before 1 a.m. on a report of multiple people shot.

An adult couple were killed early on Friday morning. The couple’s daughter who is 18 was left with multiple gunshot wounds and rushed to hospital where she remains in critical condition following surgery. A second man was found unharmed and is not a suspect, police said.

Another woman who died was identified by relatives at the scene as 18-year-old Lauren “Lela” Leslie. Family members told the media that Leslie was visiting her girlfriend at the home.

Police Lt. Paul Cherniack said at a morning news conference that the people found in the home included a couple, two adult stepchildren and a visitor. The house is one of many duplexes on a street not far from Interstate 91.

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He said police had no record of previously responding to the home. The shooting took place just after 1am Friday when an argument broke out, although details about what led to the shooting still remain unclear.

Police in Windsor Locks have not officially identified the victims or the relationships of those involved. But, Leslie’s family said they believe homophobia may have been a factor.

“Murder-suicide is always a shocking development and everything is magnified in smaller towns where people know each other or know of each other,” Cherniack said. “It’s always shocking, and it’s horrific and very graphic.”

Local police called in state police to process the scene for evidence after obtaining a search warrant for the property.

Windsor Locks is a town of about 13,000 people and home to Bradley International Airport.

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