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Authorities have charged three adults for their part in shaving a 12-year-old boy’s head to read “gay” then posting a video of the verbal and physical assault on social media, the City of Atlanta Police Department announced on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, authorities said on June 17 that investigators were able to identify the location of where the incident occurred and identify the child and parties involved.

The boy was taken into child protective services and is believed to still be there.

Now authorities have said they’ve secured warrants against those involved in the assault and arrested three.

“The behavior in this social media post was difficult to watch and is absolutely unacceptable,” authorities said in the post. “We are appreciative of the number of people who flagged this case with us and for those who provided information on the location where it took place.

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“Our investigators worked hard to identify those involved and to gather the evidence needed to place each behind bars and we are thankful for their work.”

Investigators charged 19-year-old Lorkeyla Jamia Spencer and 35-year-old Brittney Monique each with cruelty to children. Jordan Jarrode Richards-Nwankwo was charged with cruelty to children and family violence.

Thousands shared the video of the boy being abused by his family members.

“This was a difficult video to watch,” said Atlanta Police Sgt. John Chafee. “I have a child and when you see a young person being abused like this, I mean this is just so unnecessary. It was difficult to watch, and I think for a lot of the investigators, it was the same way.”

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