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Police say Janice Spears was shot multiple times by her ex-boyfriend after she refused to get back together with him in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The victim’s family says this violent fallout is from a bad breakup.

“No doubt in my mind, anybody that’s bold enough to shoot somebody at the police station is aiming to kill her,” says Terica Spears who is Janice’s sister. Terica and her daughter, Victoria, say they still can not believe what happened last night. Victoria was with her aunt, Janice, when they ran into Janice’s ex-boyfriend at a store in Baker. “I was lost, I was panicking, I was just running and I look back all I did was hear her screaming,” says Victoria who is Janice’s niece.

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Family members say her ex, Fredrick Roddy, has been trying to get back with Janice, but Spears refused to talk to him. She drove away frantically to the Baker Police Station to get help, Roddy reportedly following close behind.

“Once she got there, she was blowing the horn and blowing the horn, trying to get their attention. Screaming, and she got to a stop she’d see he was getting out of the vehicle again. She told my baby to get out and run,” adds Terica.

Janice was shot multiple times while she was still sitting in her car, Baker Police rushed out to the parking lot just as the shooter drove off. “No matter what the situation is, nobody deserves because I don’t want to be with your or you don’t want to be with me. Nobody deserves to be shot at, killed, stabbed, harmed in any way by something like that. It’s ridiculous,” says Terica.

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Terica says Janice broke off the relationship several months ago, and that Roddy had a history of being aggressive with Janice. Baker’s Chief of Police Carl Dunn says the couple was together for 12 years, and he wishes police knew about their troubled relationship ahead of time.

“I would say to couples who are going through this in which as we know domestics, they are unpredictable. Nobody will know your companion better than you. You know what your companion is capable of, please seek help if you can’t find resources. 775-6000 will find resources for you,” says Chief Dunn.

Baker Police are still looking for the shooter, if you know anything that can help police in their investigation, you’re encouraged to call CRIMESTOPPERS.

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