Thu. May 23rd, 2024

DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia has said that they arrested an aspiring rapper on October 19, 2023 for the alleged murder of his pregnant girlfriend, according to reports.

Justin Rene Lewis was arrested for the murder of Raesha Heard on October 11.

According to family members, Heard, who was the mother of two children, was getting groceries out of the trunk of a car in her parents’ driveway on Kelley Chapel Road when she was shot multiple times. Her 8-year-old son reportedly witnesses the shooting.

Heard’s best friends said they knew who shot Heard and he had been active on social media since the shooting ans was taunting the family. The police said they had identified a suspect but were not ready to release his name.

According to Lewis’ SoundCloud bio, he goes by Mad Muzik Cali and hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.

On Oct. 19, the police department confirmed they have arrested Lewis. They did not release any other information about Lewis or the arrest.

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By Buffy Gunner

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