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A disagreement over shoes and how a woman was being treated at a birthday party may have led to the murder of an Illinois man Saturday, according to a DuPage County court prosecutor.

Assistant State’s Attorney Alyssa Rabulinski filed a petition to detain 31-year-old Kevin Krenc until his trial. Judge George Ford found there was probable cause for Krenc’s arrest. The detention hearing was continued to Friday morning, at Krenc’s request, so a private attorney can represent him, authorities said.

Krenc is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Victor Garcia, accused of shooting the victim with a rifle inside Krenc’s garage on Saturday in unincorporated DuPage County near Bensenville.

Rabulinski’s petition alleges a witness told police Garcia was upset that the owner of the Church Road home had accused him of stealing some shoes. The witness said Garcia suggested stealing cocaine from the homeowner.

On Saturday, all three men, plus several other people, attended a birthday celebration for Krenc at the home. Krenc and his girlfriend were staying there temporarily, according to the petition.

The witness said Garcia was disrespectful to the homeowner’s girlfriend, including grabbing her buttocks.

Several people went into the garage, and Krenc and the homeowner ingested cocaine, according to the petition.

Krenc was sitting in a corner, by a cubbyhole containing a rifle. The witness said when Garcia entered the garage, Krenc shot him five times, according to the petition.

The witness told police about the incident after he was detained later that day because people reported an intoxicated man was on Route 83, claiming he was being chased, according to the petition.

The homeowner refused to let sheriff’s deputies search the home, according to the petition.

They obtained a search warrant Tuesday, and found Garcia’s body in an open crawl space in the garage, beneath some furniture and household items, according to the petition. They found the rifle in a vent in the basement, according to the petition.

The petition says Krenc denied killing Garcia; denied having the rifle, saying he had sold it; and said he had given Garcia a ride Friday to a Department of Children and Family Services office in Skokie for drug testing.

The petition says Illinois State Police had revoked Krenc’s firearm owners identification card and concealed-carry license on the grounds of him being a “clear and present” danger. It says he was charged Oct. 1 in Rosemont with unlawful use of a weapon and disorderly conduct; and that he was convicted of battery in 2014. He also had been convicted twice in Wisconsin of illegally carrying a concealed weapon, according to the petition.

Garcia is survived by his three children and his longtime girlfriend, who is pregnant.

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