Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

A Georgia man who once had a leadership role at a popular Cobb County church has been arrested, according to reports.

Even more concerning, Cobb Police have charged him with four counts of child molestation for his alleged encounters with a 15-year-old boy who attended the church.

Cobb County police arrested Marcus Turner on Oct. 6.

A spokesperson for Worship with Wonders Church confirmed Turner’s leadership role as director of operations ended in December 2021.

Turner had become a popular person in the 600-plus member church.

“Marcus Turner is such a friendly nice guy,” former member April Nelson said.

But Cobb Police have arrested the 32-year-old former Worship in Wonders former director of operations and charged him with four counts of child molestation with a 15-year-old male church member.

Nelson is the former Director of Children’s Ministry for the growing church.

She says she is flabbergasted by the arrest.

“When I saw the mug shot I didn’t even have words… it was almost unbelievable because he is the face of Worship With Wonders, to find out not only were these children but little boys,” Nelson exclaimed.

Nelson says she and her husband left the church because they didn’t agree with what she claims was an anti-LGBTQ+ message that she says Turner and the pastors espoused.

Church leaders Myles and DeLana Rutherford released a letter to the congregation saying they went to police with the information about Turner and the alleged victims who they say are both church members. In their statement, the Rutherfords say they would never tolerate or condone any sexual immoral actions in their church.

Nelson, who is a mom of four, says her attention now has turned to other teens or children who may have encountered Turner.

“My concern is that there are more victims. My concern is that there are more predators because the church is trying to silence this. They are trying to minimize his role in leadership. They are trying to say he had no responsibility over these children when I gave him responsibilities over the children as the children’s ministry director,” Nelson affirmed.

Worship with Wonders Church leaders disagree with Nelson’s assessment. They say they took immediate action, do not think there are other victims, and are cooperating with Cobb Police.

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