Sat. May 25th, 2024

A 24-year-old Ohio licensed social worker who was arrested earlier this month for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with a 13-year-old was arrested again this week after allegedly showing up at the boy’s home with a gun, according to reports.

Payton Shires allegedly showed up at the boy’s home Thursday evening even though she wasn’t supposed to be there.

The victim’s mother wasn’t home at the time but did call the police after seeing Shires on her doorbell camera.

When officers got on the scene, Shires was reportedly sitting on the front porch with a gun to her head, yelling that she was going to kill herself.

Shires allegedly called the boy’s mother and said she wanted to kill herself and his mother because they ruined her life.

As Illicit Deeds previously reported, Shires was arrested October 6 by the Columbus Division of Police SWAT after being accused of having sex multiple times with the teen, who was a client assigned to her for counseling.

The teen’s mother called police in late September after finding text messages between her son and Shires, according to court records. In the messages, she reportedly asked the teen if he had “deleted the videos,” and if his mom had seen them or the messages.

Detectives found a video on the teen’s phone that showed him and Shires having sex and engaging in other sexual acts around the city of Columbus.

Shires allegedly admitted to having sex with the teen while on a call with the teen’s mother and detectives.

She was originally facing one count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor but has since been charged with intimidation of a crime victim and intimidation of a crime witness.

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