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The West Virginia father of an infant who disappeared more than two and a half years ago has been indicted on charges related to her death, according to reports.

According to the Huntington Police Department, Shannon Patrick Overstreet faces the charges of “death of a child by a parent, guardian or custodian or other persons by child abuse,” murder, and concealment of a deceased human body. The charges stem from the disappearance of his daughter Angel Overstreet in May 2021, which led to a multi-agency investigation involving agencies from both West Virginia and Kentucky as well as the FBI.

The HPD says investigators collected evidence indicating Overstreet as allegedly responsible for her death and for concealing her body.

Angel Nichole Overstreet, who was last seen in early May 2021. She was just three months old at the time. Authorities first reported that she was missing on May 25, and said her whereabouts since May 8 could not be confirmed. She was three months old at the time.

According to HPD at that time, West Virginia Child Protective Services representatives had contacted authorities saying they were following up with Angel’s father, Shannon Overstreet, on a custody issue from Kentucky. The CPS workers said he told them he turned Angel over to CPS two weeks earlier, but investigators were not able to substantiate a custody exchange.

The following day, May 26, HPD officials said they were “concerned” for Angel’s safety, however, an Amber Alert was never issued due to the amount of time she had already been missing.

The search for Angel soon spanned into Kentucky, and authorities even drained and searched a pond on her father’s property in Carter County, Kentucky, for evidence of her disappearance or even Angel herself.

According to the indictment against Overstreet, he is accused of causing her death in West Virginia and then taking her body to Kentucky. Police have not stated if Angel’s remains have ever been found. Late Friday night Kentucky State Police said in a press release: “Through a thorough and exhaustive investigation, sufficient evidence was gathered to enable the Huntington Police Department to secure an indictment for the arrest for Shannon Overstreet.” The statement was in relation to a search in June 2021 at a location in Olive Hill, though no specific location was given.

The Huntington Police department, the FBI, the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center, the U.S. Marshal’s Service, the Kentucky State Police, the West Virginia State Police and Child Protective Service agencies from West Virginia and Kentucky were all involved in investigating Angel’s disappearance.

Overstreet is currently serving a sentence on unrelated charges of maliciously assaulting his mother and forgery. He was sentenced in January 2023 on the 2022 indictment.

In that court case, he is accused of allegedly grabbing the victim by her hair, dragging her through the yard and up steps and then allegedly hitting her several times in March 2021, prior to Angel’s disappearance. The complaint states when the victim went to a medical facility a couple days after the incident, medical professionals found she had a “significant brain bleed.”

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